About Us

Our mission is to offer the highest quality medical care possible to all children and adolescents in the Tampa Bay Area. To do that, we are focused on providing physician directed care that supports the physical as well as emotional health of our patients and their families. In an effort to maintain this level of care, we will not exclude any child or family regardless of their social status or income. We have contracted with both private and public health insurers and may also be able to make special payment arrangements for families without health insurance.

The Kid’s Doctor has been caring for children and adolescence for over 30 years. We are committed to a medical home environment where we strive to care for the child as a whole – physically, emotionally and socially. Although we treat and care for minor injuries and other serious health conditions day to day, we strive to inform our families on how to be proactive and maintain a well child. Physicians at The Kid’s Doctor are board certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We have put together an administrative staff that can help our families in all aspects of healthcare, be it with understanding insurances, obtaining referrals or authorizations, completing forms, requesting records, or just for support and encouragement. We encourage our families to utilize them for their needs. If you would like some background information on each Physician, please see Our Team page.